Publish or perish

There are two ways to gain eternal life: pass on your genes to children or pass on your knowledge to students.

Lots of people take the time to write, draw, photograph, or in other ways convey information. Some of those people also endeavor to publish their work in a book. One way to publish is to contact a large publisher, see if they are willing to take the time and actually look at what you produced, and either get rejected or accepted for publication. The benefit of this route is that the publisher will invest a lot of effort on your behalf if they believe that multitudes of people will want to spend money to discover your work. But what if you know you have something great, but only a few people will be interested in it? Or what if you have something not so great, but still good enough for you?

We have self-published our own work, as well as worked with publishers. The process to reach publication can be more daunting than the creative process, which may mean your work never sees the light of day. We can help you get past that final hurdle.

You don't need the skill to build a bike to go biking. So why should you need to know how to get published when you wrote something?