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We started our company based on our hobbies, and earning a small extra income on the side of full time employment elsewhere. 

Our business services operate with fixed prices. You pay once, we deliver regardless of any complications that may arise. Returns on the other hand cause unsustainable environmental losses so we will only handle returns of faulty items - make sure you want what you buy before placing your order.

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Angsana Lindberg

Ph.D. Molecular Medicine
M.Sc. Biotechnology

Day job; scientist at Umeå University currently working on prostate cancer.

Weekend job; mother of two sons.

Night job; influencer, fashionista

Dan-Erik Lindberg

Ph.D. Biology
M.Sc. Jägermeister

Day job; biologist at Örnsköldsvik Kommun (gov).

Weekend job; father of two sons.

Night job; Information Technology, boating, marine surveys, ecology

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