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How to get your unique product according to your wishes


Make sure you take your

measurements in a good way.

We have a handy guide to help you

on your way.

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There are many ways to button a

shirt. Just like there are many

ways to fold a collar. We put

words on all the styles that

you can choose before you order.

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How did you discover us? What did

your order mean for you? Is there a

story you would like to share?

Here you can read stories sent by

our customers, and you can add your

own story about Attaluck products

or what happened to you when wearing

one of our items.

Funny, sad, inspiring, informational,

we publish all the best stories here.

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We just started our business and haven't heard back from any customers yet. Once you have received your order,

we would love to hear from you. If you wish to give some feedback just for us, that's OK. If you will allow

us to publish your comments here, then please make a note of that in your feedback, and we will put it up

here as soon as possible. Thank you.

- Dan-Erik Lindberg / Sweden -