Customer Stories

Your story could go here!

Since we are just starting up our company and brand, we don't have a lot of stories to share yet. But we would love to put your story here. If you have pictures, even better. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

We are not asking you to write a review. Customer reviews will be added as part of our shop, so that you can see opinions of those who previously purchased an item. This page is intended to just give some ideas and inspiration. Perhaps you used one of our shirts  as part of a cosplay outfit. Or maybe you happened to meet your favourite celebrity on your way to pick up one of our products from the post? That is the kind of thing we are looking to put here.

We love to hear from you

Even if you don't want your story to appear on our homepage, we love to hear about your experience with our products. Please let us know if you will allow us to publish your story or if it is just private communication. In any case, drop us a line!

For a simple message, we have a contact form. If you would like to include images, which we really love to see, please send them to us in an e-mail or on our Facebook page.

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