Made in Thailand





Our products are all made in Thailand. We work closely with a few small family businesses. Their pride in

their work is one of the things that guarantee a high quality end product for you as a customer.


Our products in the "Silky Cotton" line are made by mother, father, son, and daughter-in-law. They are trained in the art of making clothes since they were children in their family owned tailor shop. The shirts are carefully crafted by hand for comfort, fit, and durability. They carry on their legacy from generation to generation with constant improvement of source materials, designs, and finished products.



The "Thai Cotton" line is also produced at the same shop as the Silky Cotton line, but with a different fabric and design.


There is a village cooperative that we stumbled upon in our travels where the women who cannot work in the farming fields learn to sew clothes. Experienced tailors are overlooking the process and teaching the women how to improve their craft. This gives an additional source of income to some families who otherwise might struggle with their finances. We have included the shirts from this cooperative as our "Premium Cotton" line, which is a bit cheaper but still holds a high quality standard. Meanwhile, we can also help some of the poor farmer families with some additional work for an improved way of life.


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