Q.   My Swedish is not good, can I use another language?


A.    Our aim is to get the shop and all pages translated to English, German, and Finnish. Meanwhile, you can always contact us to get a personal reply in your preferred language.



Q.   What is M2O and how does it work?


A.    M2O is our short way of saying "Made to Order". It is similar to tailor made clothes in that they are made by tailors, but you can only say that an item is truly "tailor made" when the tailor himself is taking your measurements. Since you are the one providing measurements to our tailor, it is called made to order. To order an M2O item, simply find the general design you want in our online store, then after you finish your purchase you can send us some comments with the measurements you want to use. You can keep it general, as in "I want the XXL size but it is out of stock as prêt-á-porter", or you can be very specific and supply every measurement you can think of, combined with style changes. Keep in mind that if you order several items you should provide us with instructions that cover all of those items.



Q.   Why are some products marked as "Sold out" or "Out of stock"? Can't you just make more?


A.    We keep some prêt-á-porter items in stock, ready to be delivered in your hands from us or through a mailbox near you as soon as the postal services can work. Bringing home a large quantity of clothes gives us lower transportation and handling costs, so we can keep a lower price on these items. When our prêt-á-porter items are sold out, you can usually still order them as M2O items, according to your specifications but with a few weeks delivery time and slightly higher cost. Alternatively, you can wait for us to bring home more of them.


Our patterns and fabrics are unique products, with a limited supply. If the roll of fabric runs out, we need to make a new roll of fabric before we can produce more clothes using that specific pattern. Some patterns are intentionally limited editions, meant to be associated with some zodiac signs or Thai festivals. Others will be printed more of, if there is sufficient demand. We leave these items in the shop as "Sold out" because you can drop us a line and request them, and if there is sufficient interest we can manufacture a new roll of that fabric.



Q.   Where is the closest location where I can find your products and try them on?


A.   At this time we do not plan to provide any fixed locations with stores that you can visit to try on our clothes. However, we do have some trips planned to showcase our producs at market fairs and similar events. If there are such events in your area, you can contact us and request a visit and we will try to include it in our calendar. You can also visit us in our home, after making an appointment. Phone and address is on the home page.



Q.   Do you have tailor made clothes?


A.    At this time we are only offering prêt-á-porter and made to measure clothes, where you provide your desired size. Tailor made clothes, where a professional tailor takes your measurements for you, may be added at some point in the future if we bring a tailor to Sweden, but we do not currectly offer this service. If you are willing to travel to Thailand and get your measurements taken by our tailors there, this can be arranged for a fee. Please contact us for further details.



Q.   How much is the cost of freight or cost of delivery?


A.    We always deliver all of our products free of charge to your location, within reason. If you are on board the International Space Station or similar difficult to reach location, some additional fees may apply. In such a special case, we will contact you after your order to provide further details.



Q.   Do you offer any other products than what I can see in your online shop?


A.    We are continually updating our products with new fabrics and designs. There are also limited editions of outfits that are presented at various fairs or markets. Our online shop contains all of our official products, but some of the limited editions or custom made orders may not be included.



Q.   Can I become a reseller in my local area?


A.    If you order at least 50 products at any one time, we will contact you about being part of our reseller programme. You will then get special discounts applied to that order and any subsequent orders (even small orders) and we will also provide you with some marketing material.




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